Hi! My name is Joan Moreno, a Motion Design Art Director from Barcelona currently working and living in Amsterdam. Over 10 years of experience I had the chance of work for brands such Bavaria, Burger King, Canal+, Disney XD, HBO and Volkswagen

I finished my Graphic Design degree in 2007 and started my working right away for TV channels. After a while, I got a full-time position at Fake Studio as one of the 3 directors in-house. Three years later I thoght about moving abroad to continue learning from new perspectives, so I decided to move to Amsterdam. In there I combine a full-time job at Cape Rock with freelance projects once in a while.

Stuff I like:
Mac 'n cheese, bourbon, hiking, Philip K. Dick, skateboarding, neo-grotesque sans-serif typefaces, Hunter S. Thompson, Mogwai, Mark Rothko, Dark Souls, Lou Reed, any of the Alien movies.

Stuff I dislike:
Olives, Spotify ads, The Beatles, slow wifi, toilets you have to pay for, and the 14 seconds in-between Netflix episodes. 
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