In order to present the speakers in the 5th International Congress of Typography we made a short piece for each one of them.

We wanted to translate the claim "Más allá de la tinta" (Beyond the ink) in to a mobile types of lead floating in a old environment with vintage typographer machines and tools. A contrast between the new use of typography and an old fashioned and physical world.

Would like tank to Jesús Morentin and BUNKERTYPE for let us record the workshop and bring us some beers.

Client: Congreso internacional de tipografía de Valencia
Directed by Fake Studio ( Joan Moreno | Marc Molina )
Art Direction: Fake Studio
3D Animation: Fake Studio 
Production Design: Juanjo Garzo & Vane Ordoñez
D.O.P.: Román Martinez Debujo
Sound Design: Joan Moreno
Editing: Marc Molina
Producer: Sonia Figuera
Thanks to Jesus Morentín &

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